How to free up Memory Space without deleting anything.

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  • April 28, 2019
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Over the years, Android phone users had and are still complaining bitterly on Memory space even after buying memory cards and it’s like. Many had to go through a lot of psychological shift in other for them to be able to delete those sweet memories they’d in the past through pictures, Video, Audio, Voice Notes, Documents etc.. They feel so bad left with the option of formatting their phones, which was their only means of keeping lovely moments, Files etc. alive wheN Memories fails…

Congratulations!!, for you’re about to know how to keep your really cool stuffs intact while freeing up your phone memory space…
You’re surprise?, Please don’t be it’s not magical, it’s just a discovery.
Below are the steps on how to go about it

  1. Go to your phone home icon.

2. Go to your phone Setting.

3.Then to Apps & Notification( though some phone has Apps on a different sublist from Notification.)

4. Select any of the outlined Apps, except WhatsApp, Facebook(you can actually select Facebook if you can remember your log in password), Abode Reader etc..Else you’ll loose your data but you can select the aforementioned sidelined App, if and only if the data contained in them isn’t relevant to you.

5. Click on the selected App.

6. Go to the Storage of the selected App.

7. Then click on Free up Space or Clear data.

8. Repeat same procedure from 1-5 in other Apps.

And when you’re done, Your phone is as free as the Birds!

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